The login and password for sending the data can be entered directly and very simply under "Weather networks".


  1. Call up your meteoBridge admin panel.
    Either via the network-internal IP or the remote service link

  2. Check the meteoBridge version
    It should be Meteobridge 4.1 (Sep 8 2019, build 13130) or newer.
    If you have installed an older version --> Update with a restart of your meteobridge

  3. Then select "Weater Nets" and "

  4. Then enter your previously noted details from your MeteoMap account:
    (which ID and password do I have to enter? --> see here >> at the bottom)

  5. Then click on the "Save" button at the bottom.

  6. Now all important entries have been made and the meteobridge (weatherBoxx) should send the first data to after 10 minutes at the latest.